A Day in the Life of the Production Team

A Day in the Life of the Production Team



King George is Head of Production, as well as the best paper weight to ever exist!

Who works in the production team at MS?
Lisa is our Production Manager which means she heads up the team in making sure all the styles Megan has designed get made to perfection. She collates all of the info like fabric usage, how many buttons etc and builds tech packs that include samples so that our makers know exactly how to make our styles.
Loren is her assistant and she does all the  technical drawings, spec sheets and pattern alterations to ensure all styles are ready for production.
Taylor is our production coordinator and he continually refines samples and patterns to make them perfect. He also talks to our makers in both Vietnam and Bali giving them advice on how to make our styles.
Sigrid and Iris are studio assistants who also help in production by tracing patterns and helping to put our tech packs together.

What is your favourite MS piece this summer season and why?


"My favourite piece from this season is the vista Bristol dress, the print reminds me of a bone china mug from the 1600’s and the fresh tech fabric is so comfortable and drapes so beautifully in this style."

- Lisa

"My favourite piece is the Corisia matador skirt. The silhouette is beautiful and flattering. It also gives an historical feel."

- Loren


What do you love most about being on the MS team?


"I love the diversity of working with team MS, we all bring our unique little something special. I get to use my photographic skills as well which makes shoot days out so much fun!"

- Lisa


"My favourite part about being a part of the MS team is the transparency and how valued I feel being part of the process. Everyone is extremely talented which makes it an inspiring place to work."

- Loren  

Taylor makes sure each pattern is exactly what Megan dreams of, ensuring garments are unique and designed to last.

Megan is always lending a helping hand!

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