Coppelia – spring summer 16/17

Coppelia – spring summer 16/17
October 13, 2016 Heather Webb

Having been delighted by ballets like Coppelia since my childhood, where my passion for being a ballerina was only thwarted by my unfortunate feet, I reconciled my disappointment with drawing beautiful ballerinas every chance I got. I drew the most amazing ball gowns for them and they were always doing fabulous arabesques in tutus of all manners.

I guess my inner child is still coming out to play when I create a season such as Coppelia. The doll who almost comes to life sprang to mind fairly early in my creative journey and I couldn’t help by recreate her in so many contemporary ways.

I was charmed by stitching that echoed Polish folk dancing and the dark fairy tale translated into many different looks including a gorgeous print of large peonies recreated from a drawing that I saw in the British Natural History museum.

I most love it when women wear my clothes and feel transformed. I had a client say that she felt like a supermodel when I spent some time dressing her. I think it is joyous when women discover their confidence by wearing my creations.

I have included so many choices his season for women to embrace their beauty and feel supremely comfortable at the same time.

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