Fountainhead – winter 20

Fountainhead – winter 20
February 17, 2020 Zoe Longley

Gemma (left) wears the high waisted frock coat  and floral crawford dress.

Alice (right) wears the checker kilt and felt riding coat in charcoal.

Gemma (left) wears the felt riding coat in red, the dune trapeze tee and the smudge sculpted pleat skirt.

Alice (right) wears the smudge techno coat and dune legging.

Alice (left) wears the tweed jasper dress.

Gemma (right) wears the tweed keaton jacket and tweed capri jean.

Alice (left) wears the mirror circle tutu , the gardenia bridget cardi and the roses balmoral cardi in black/coffee.

Gemma (right) wears the flowers box jumper in stone, the mozart shirt in black and the velvet party skirt.

Gemma (left) wears the velvet high waisted frock coat in black and the tulle vintage sheath.

Alice (right) wears the corisia 99 coat in latte and the tulle crawford dress.

Gemma (left) wears the blossom ally shirt dress and roses balmoral cardi in black/red.

Alice (right) wears the blossom midi skirt, blossom mary top and the roses scarf in black.

Alice (left) wears the  lakeside 99 coat and grassy stovepipe pant.

Gemma (right) wears the grassy canterbury shirt and the lakeside tulip skirt.

Alice (left) wears the tapestry birdie coat and long sleeve addison dress in sour.

Gemma (right) wears the bluebell balmoral cardi in navy and bluebell tutu.

Gemma (left) wears the velvet scallop top in black and the mirror midi skirt in black/red.

Alice (right) wears the celine isabella jacket and tea party pieced dress.

Alice wears the felt riding coat in charcoal and the checker kilt.

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