Opus – winter 16

Opus – winter 16
February 29, 2016 songy

The definition of an opus is a large scale creative work, especially a musical composition.

I love the start of a new collection. It all starts with collecting the fabrics as if they are notes for a musical composition.

Some are light and high that become soft and lyrical pieces. Some are heavy and robust providing the bass notes and structure to the collection.

With these notes I start to craft a melody of winter and its’ cosiness, its’ beautiful colours of dark luscious greens and reds against charcoal skies.

I play with the contrasts of weight and texture, of tone and colour to create unexpected resolutions to our clothing desires.

I have had a thousand ideas inside my head this season reacting to the inherent character and power of the raw material and i am very pleased with the evolution it has taken.

I hope you enjoy Opus as much as I have in creating it.

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