Invest in you!

Invest in you!


The Roslin Zhivago Coat 

The investment piece of the season! 

Why should you invest in a statement coat?
The Roslin zhivago coat is an entire outfit within one garment. It is designed to be worn as an overcoat that becomes the statement before revealing what is underneath. 
This coat is a timeless style you will have for years to come!
 It's classic design, clean lines and old movie glamour look will have you reaching for it day in and day out!

The detail on the roslin zhivago coat reminds us of the classic movie breakfast at tiffanys! 

Embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn!

Girl Math 

We know this coat might be stretching your winter wardrobe budget so we have 'girl mathed' it for you!


Total cost of coat = $1,152.00


Divide the total cost by 52 weeks in the year



Why we love this coat! 


This masterpiece is structurally neat with large armholes to fit over clothing, a full 40’s skirt shape and the gorgeous velvet feature tie. 

We pride ourselves in our quality. That’s why the Roslin zhivago coat is lined with acetate rather than polyester.


What is acetate?

Acetate is a natural fibre made from wood, creating a breathable fabric that has a dry handle, doesn’t cling or go static!


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