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Meet our wonderful team members working from our design studio in Fremantle, Western Australia.

From left to right we have: Dragana (far left) our Customer Service/Sales queen!, Heather our production manager, Zoe our Marketing Assistant, Fran our Marketing Manager, Taylor (far right) our Production Coordinator and center front is Megan the designer and creator of the brand.

Our studio team works collaboratively to keep the label running smoothly and maintain its essence and quality. We are a creative team with a passion for what we do. We also have a cohort of studio cats that grace our office, comprising Keshi and King George the maine coons and the orientals Georgie  girl and Billy boy

Megan Salmon & Team in the Studio

Megan Salmon & Team in the Studio

Our studio team is tight knit  but we don't work solely from the studio. We are constantly  collaborating with various other teams to run our label. We  work with a small, private production  company in Vietnam that make our garments; a group of 11 skilled female sewers run by Ely, who we talk to every day. The team in Vietnam do the bulk of our production and we’ve been working with them since 2014.

Our production in Bali is relatively new and is run by Made (ma-day) who works for us by putting together the right makers for the jobs we need. He works with fabulous fabric printers, dyers, embroiderers and button makers, as well as sewers. We feel very fortunate to be able to work with many of the skilled artisans which Bali is so famous for

We also collaborate with local and overseas textile suppliers to source the best fabrics for us, and to manufacture Megan’s digital print designs.  And, of course, when it comes to our photo shoots we collaborate with local photographers, models  and hair and makeup artists.