From Inspiration To Reality with Megan Salmon - Artist Influence

From Inspiration To Reality with Megan Salmon - Artist Influence


What artists have inspired you along your journey?
"This is always changing, I have been looking at other artists since I was a teenager. What most comes to mind are the periods such as the German Expressionists with artists such as Max Beckmann, Abstract Expressionists like Mark Rothko and Lee Krasner."
- Megan Salmon

'The Lady of Shalott' by John Williams Waterhouse 1888


Pre Raphaelite Period

"The pre raphaelite period is a huge inspiration for me. I love looking at artists like Millais, Rossetti and Holman Hunt."
"Art is the biggest inspiration to me. At the beginning of each season when I create a collection I always turn to what I love which is art and culture."
Megan in 1989 with her self portrait
Fairly recent photo of Megan standing in front of her portrait  of
Kevin Robertson which was acquired by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1990.
Megan in the studio recently, painting a quick study.
Small oil study of her brother Kim. Painted this year by Megan.
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