How to Create the Perfect Silhouette

How to Create the Perfect Silhouette

How to create the perfect silhouette 

The importance of a silhouette
'Silhouette' in the fashion realm refers to a the line of the dress as well as the outline of clothing or garment.
There are many different variations of silhouettes, each serving a certain purpose in the way the garment and body work together.
These shapes can be created with more than dresses, but also skirts, tops, pants and jackets.
Here you can see a column silhouette with one of our shift dresses, further enhanced with our silk organza giselle coat. This creates an a-line shape without adding any bulk to your look, whilst accomplishing stunning lines and curves.
The perfect fit!
Achieving the perfect fit is every woman's biggest challenge, as our bodies are forever changing. However, when creating shapes, silhouettes and lines reach for pieces that hug your curves but don't constrict the.
The fabric matters!
every fabrics offers a different kind of stretch, structure and feel. One of our favourite fabrics to play with when creating silhouettes is silk organza. It is a thin silk weave with a slight stiffness to it that is perfect for creating shapes and lines.

Silk Organza

Silk organza has many appealing characteristics, it is a sheer, thin open-weave fabric meaning it is light weight. It has a smooth, flat finish and is strong and durable.
The reason we suggest this fabric when trying to create silhouettes is because it offers both softness and structure.
This summer collection we have a range of different styles and prints available in silk organza.
Different kinds of silhouettes
A-line silhouette
The a-line silhouette is is also referred to as the triangle silhouette as is emphasizes the lower-half of the body. This term was first established by fashion designer and stylist Christian Dior, and this silhouette is amongst the most popular dress types.
Bell silhouette
Bell silhouettes tend to have narrow waistbands, that progressively get wider the closer to the hemline, eluding to a bell shaped skirt. This silhouette was seen throughout the 1840s-1900s. Over time, this shape has been modernised and developed to present a more subtle and versatile look.
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