We Love Our Linens

We Love Our Linens
The designers choice! Here are all the reason why Megan Salmon picks linens every season!

Linen is timeless!!

What's so good about MS linen?


Our linen is a European flax yarn with long fibers that weave over one another.  The high quality of MS linen provides wearing benefits such as breath-ability, durability & sustainability.

We stock linen all year round, but different weights are used for different seasons as the summer seasons require a light, breathable, and highly absorbent weave of linen.


We source our linen from a West Australian supplier, the flax yarn itself is from France and Belgium and later sent to China to be milled.


Why is quality linen so important? What is OEKO-TEX standard?


There are many benefits to linen. The reason we choose high quality linen fibres is because it is a natural fibre with a low environmental impact, the production process uses significantly less amounts of water in comparison to other fabrics, making linen one of the most fashion-conscious choices.


MS linens are the OEKO-Tex 100 standard, meaning these fibres are certified and have been tested for harmful substances. The standardised test specifically checks for formaldehyde, nickel, and azo dyes.

Did someone say quality??!?

What is aero washing?

Our summer linens have all been aero washed.

The purpose of area washing is to give a ‘flatter’ appearance to the linen. The process involves having the fabric be pushed through tubes under high air pressure. Areo washing helps with pre-shrinking the fabric, whilst softening the overall feel of the fabric.

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