A Day in the Life Megan Salmon Marketing Team

A Day in the Life Megan Salmon Marketing Team



What do we do?

Fran, among many things is our Marketing / Online Manager. She is responsible for the seamless functioning of our online store. On Fridays you'll find Fran taking photos to create content for our socials, website & other marketing platforms!
Evy is our Marketing Assistant, better referred to as Fran's digital sidekick. She creates all things film related at MS, content creation, as well as our email marketing campaigns.

What you see, what we do!

 All the beauty and elegance that is harmoniously put together takes planning and creative collaboration...with a few mistakes in there that make it all interesting! Fran and Evy spend a lot of time testing ideas, bouncing concepts off one another, outlining weeks, months and seasons ahead,  in pursuit of producing the best visual representation of Megan Salmon possible.

What is  your favourite MS piece this summer?

"I love the wattlebirds matador skirt. It feels very high fashion and special. Something I can wear to work, on weekends and to events."

- Fran

"I am absolutely obsessed with our linen collection this season. Not only is the colour palette fresh, the shapes are perfect for me and it is such a high quality fabric! My favourite cut right now is the linen constance shirt!"

- Evy

Megan is always around to make sure we are supported and inspired, but most importantly having fun!


What do you love most about being on the MS team?

"I love the environment here, everyone working together to make things happen. Our small team is the best!"

- Fran

"Everyone on the team is extremely good at what they do. I have had the opportunity to focus on my creative skills! I love working with a team of women composing different ways of viewing art and the world around us."
- Evy
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